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The word is mightier than weapons – why the german Christian Liebig Foundation works in Africa: The journalist Christian Liebig died on 7 April 2003 in a missile attack outside Baghdad. The reporter of the german newsmagazine FOCUS was one of the 600 embedded journalists reporting on the war from within the ranks of the US army. He was the only German journalist to lose his life working in Iraq. His parents, partner, friends and colleagues all wanted to do something to try and make some sense of his tragic death and generate a spark of hope, which is why they founded the Christian Liebig Foundation on 21 August 2003.

Christian Liebig was a journalist by calling. He believed in the power of words. Words can start wars, but they can also prevent them. Help us to help children in one of the world’s poorest countries get an education. In the hope that words may indeed be greater than weapons, we cherish your support!

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Since its formation in 2003, the Christian Liebig Foundation operates in Malawi… more


In 2007 the Christian Liebig Foundation expanded its activities from Malawi to Mozambique… more

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