Future with better prospects: Encouragement of education for children and adults in Africa

The german Christian Liebig Foundation aims to make FOCUS journalist Christian Liebig’s vision of helping people in Africa help themselves a reality. Christian Liebig did not have the good fortune of being able to realise this dream as he would have liked during his lifetime, so the Foundation wants to do it for him, in his memory. We strive to help build homes for children in need in African countries. We want to build, manage and support schools, also in collaboration with other associations, foundations and initiatives.


Our objectives

Some of the projects we will realise are:

    • Building homes for children in need whose parents are no longer alive or who are not able to give their children an education, as well as providing financial assistance and offering advisory services.
    • Setting up, supporting or participating in the creation of schools, procuring or supplementing school materials and supporting the teachers in these schools.
    • Sponsoring and finding sponsors for children, with the priority on enabling them to attend school.
    • Promoting gifted students.

 Board of Trustees

Hans Liebig
Chairman of the board of trustees

Dr. Roland Bernecker
Secretary-General of the
German Commission for UNESCO

Prof. Dr. Hubert Burda

Prof. Dr. Kurt Faltlhauser
Former bavarian minister of finance

Peter M. Gehrig
Former Editor-in-Chief DAPD and AP

Sandra zu Hohenlohe

Helmut Markwort
Publisher FOCUS

Ulrich Reitz
Editor-in-Chief FOCUS

Prof. Dr. Robert Schweizer
Specialist Lawyer for media

Thomas Silberhorn
Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development

Dr. Ludwig Spaenle
Bavarian State Minister of Education, Religious Affairs, Sciences and Art



Members of the board

Beatrice von Keyserlingk
Beatrice von Keyserlingk
Chairwoman of the board

Uwe Barfknecht
Uwe Barfknecht

Christian Paulmann
Christian Paulmann

Ulrich Schmidla
Ulrich Schmidla

Annette Wucherer
Annette Wucherer

Honorary member

Sieglinde Liebig
Sieglinde Liebig


Notice of ExemptionNotice of Exemption
Please download our Notice of Exemption for the Munich tax authorities as PDF here (in German)